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Cancor Pressure Cementers Inc.

Our Services

Cancor Cementers commenced operations in 2013 and is currently setup as a full service well cementing company with 2 singles and 1 twin pumper.  


Locally owned and operated we are celebrating 6 years of operations.  

Our Equipment

2 Single Cementers

  • Dustless mix-heads with automated cement density control system

  • High Pressure Hose Reels for Rig-In

  • Low Rate Squeeze Pumps for Remedial Work

1 Twin Cementer

  • Fully Enclosed for Winter Operations 

  • High Pressure Hose Reel

  • Dustless Mix-head with automated density control

  • 73 MPa




Contact Us

Operations Manager - Kyle Bloye



Office: (250) 787-2212

Cell:    (250) 263-7189



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